Kyle Makes Some Josh Sundquist Stuff!

As many of you know, when I’m not making things for this blog, my REAL job is that I’m a motivational youth speaker.

Josh Sundquist is a fellow youth speaker and friend who has been a big part of my career. Not only did Josh encourage me when I was just getting started as a speaker, but Josh also pushed me to start a youtube channel, build an online audience, etc.

Every now and then, I try to repay the favor by making something cool for Josh (or in this case, Josh’s audience). This time, I made one free thing and one thing to buy.

First, the free thing!

Josh has very soon, as well as that came out a few years ago. In his first book, Josh talks about a slogan he developed while ski racing. That slogan was 1mt1mt, which stand for “One more thing, one more time.”

I decided to combine the 1mt1mt saying with Josh’s newest book cover to create a cool background wallpaper you can use for your smartphone. Here’s what I came up with!

(Depending on your phone, you should just be able to click and hold down until “Save image” comes up as an option. Then go into your settings and change this to your wallpaper.)

Next, an Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt!

In addition to the free thing above, I designed a pretty sweet Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt featuring Josh’s catchphrase (which also happens to be the title to his new book), “We Should Hang Out Sometime.”

These sweatshirts are perfect for all the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties you’ll be going to soon. And yes, I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about the holidays, but it takes time to print sweaters and ship them all over theplace, so we’re doing it now.

Here’s what the sweatshirt looks like:


If you’re interested in getting one of your very own, you can click the image above, or…


But don’t wait! We’re only taking orders til the end of the day next Tuesday (October 21st, 2014), and then they’ll be gone forever!

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