Kyle Makes Some Box Troll Hands

Yesterday I showed how I made a Cardboard Box Troll Mask for my son. Today I’m going to show you the next part of the costume: the hands!

The hands were super easy and fairly quick, especially if you don’t count the paint time. So let’s get started!

I’ll show you how to make one hand, and I’m sure you can figure out the other one on your own.

First, I rolled a piece of cardboard around my son’s hand (these were supposed to fit him, not me) and glued it into a cylinder shape.

Next, I cut some slits in the cardboard that roughly represented where the fingers would go.


Next I crunched and rolled the individual segments so that they were more of a round shape. This was to help the finger pieces slide over more easily.

To make the fingers, I rolled up more pieces of cardboard into small cylinders, which I then slid over the other cylinders. I cut and bent them into the position I wanted, then glued them in place.

Here’s Wes trying it on.


You’ll notice that the ends of the fingers look a little gnarly (that thumb ended up getting glued shut by the end, don’t worry). To fix this, and to make it look even more like a hand, I ended up adding big nasty fingernails to the hands.

After adding the fingernails, I painted the whole thing. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the hands with just the fingernails, and since I painted everything at once, I don’t have pictures of just the painted hands. But tune in tomorrow to see the finished product all together!

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