Kyle Makes A Box Troll Mask

A few weeks back, Amazon announced that they were having a competition to promote the new Box Trolls movie. The competition was to make a costume out of an Amazon box. The price was $3000 in Amazon cards.

As someone who loves both Amazon (my wishlist is over 200 books strong at this point…. it’s becoming a problem) and cardboard (see this post , this post , this post , this post , this post , or this post for a few examples), I decided to enter.

Amazon just announced the finalists this week, and I didn’t make the cut. Insert sad face emoticon here.

But while I may not have won $3000, I did have a lot of fun, and my son really liked the costume we made together, so I wanted to share the results here.

Because this was going to be a mask for Wes (I decided to use the tried-and-true “Use your cute kid to win some votes” approach, which obviously didn’t work out, but it was worth a try), I started by building out the basic mask shape around his head. This is exactly how I start all of my masks, as you’ll know from my previous posts on the matter.

You start out with a sort of “harness” made from strips of cardboard:


Then you glue on a cylinder shape, cut out an eyehole (which in this case will actually be the mouth of the troll), and round off the top.


Next I added a smaller section to the top of the mask. This is where the troll’s eyes would end up being. I was sort of (roughly) working from a picture of the box trolls I’d found on the internet.


And no, I didn’t make Wes wear the mask the whole time while I was making it… haha! He was helping me though, so whenever it was time for a picture I would have him try it on.

Next I added the eyes, ears, and nose. These were all held on with tabs of cardboard. The ears used a couple different layers to give more of a textured effect, but this picture only shows the first layer.


Finally, I painted the thing. Afterwards, I went around the edges between the colors with a brush-tip Sharpie. This gave the mask a bit of a comic-book feel, but it really made the color differences pop a lot more.

Here’s the final mask:


Tomorrow I’ll share how I made the cardboard hands for the troll costume, and Friday I’ll show the process for making the feet.

Stay tuned!

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